MS Cautery-Electrosurgical ELPIS4L

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Flexibility & Reliability

  • Much more efficient than low frequency, produce less heat, not to mention sparkle, resulting in less burned tissue
  • Fast healing with excelent results
  • Provides smooth cuts with optimal performance on adipose tissues

Safety & Convenience

  • Elpis-4L provides safe and convenient device control to meet all your surgical needs in an operation room
  • By pressing 2 buttons (or more) will shut down the power for safety precautions
  • Adoption of Touch screen, it is easy to select menu, operation functions and output for convenient and easy operation
  • User can save or open their frequently used data/favorite programs up to 100 programmable memory locations with several touch motions

REM System

  • Elpis-4L automatically monitors the attachment of the patient plate to check adequate connection with the patient. An alarm will sound and output power is stopped for safety.

Product Description


Input Power 220-240 VAC (50Hz or 60Hz)
Power Consumption 600VA ± 10%
Protection Class Class 1, Type BF
Output Power and Frequency Monopolar Cut (200 Ω)
  Pure: 400W (400kHz)
  Blend 1: 250W (400 kHz)
  Blend 2: 200W (400 kHz)
  Blend 3: 150W (400 kHz)

Monopolar Coag. (200 Ω)
  Soft: 120W (300 kHz)
  Forced: 120W (80 kHz)
  Spray: 100W (33 kHz)

Bipolar Coag. (100 Ω)
  Soft: 100W (470 kHz)
  Forced: 70W (470 kHz)

Weight 20kg
Dimensions 325 x 411 x 137 (mm³)
Cooling 1 inner fan

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