MS Scale-Baby Digital DY-1

SKU: 860000
The electronic baby scale is a newly developed scale incorporating the technique of microcomputer control with digital display. The scale is precise, stable, and adaptable. It has a broad weighing range. Besides, it can also measure the dynamic environment. It is reasonably designed, advance, convenient and safe. It is suitable for health care in the kinds of maternity institution and child health care centers.


✓ Build-in automatic zero adjusting system. Following switching on of the machine, there is automatic zero adjusting and zero display adjusting indication.
✓ Direct digital display technique. Accurate weighing.
✓ Complete functions, zero-setting and tare function.
✓ Stable and reliable. In the same environment, high reproducibility in a repeated weighing of same weight value with low deviation.
✓ Dynamic value display. In the dynamic condition of the infant, automatic display of the accurate mean of the accurate mean value; a feature lacking in other current domestic made electronic infant scales.

Product Description

Max. Weight 1.5kg
Special Scale Pan 550mm x 325 mm
Supply Voltage 220V 50Hz
Power Consumption 20w
External Dimension 354 mm x 289 mm x 122mm
Min.Scale 5g

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